Our Brand Ambassador program is designed to launch your regional business quickly and efficiently. The plan is to operate events on a weekly basis throughout the entire year.

Once the events are planned, the “machine” will begin to deliver results beyond your wildest imagination. The short-term objective is to achieve 2,000 team registrations in year 1 with a longer-term goal of achieving 10,000 team registrations within a 3-year period.

EXAMPLE: A 4-court venue hosting 50 teams on 40 shootouts dates equates to 2,000 team registrations.


In every assigned territory, the Brand Ambassador is responsible for developing that region of the country. Ambassador responsibilities include overseeing facilities, marketing tournaments, managing customer relationships, executing events, and maximizing revenue.

To maximize operations, One Day will provide corporate-level support including the Tourney Pro software, training, insurance consulting, marketing, and standard communications platform (email, phone).

  1. Facility Introductions   1. Revenue Sharing (escalating levels)
  2. Regional Event Marketing   2. Performance Bonuses (escalating levels)
  3. Regional Event Management   3. Tourney Pro Software (ongoing development)
  4. Customer Outreach (email, phone, text)   4. Professional Website Implementation
  5. Customer Communications   5. Training & Support
  6. Event Promotions (pricing, coupons, Etc.)   6. Insurance Coverage
  7. Maximize Event Registrations   7. Custom Awards
  8. Event Scheduling   8. Marketing Campaigns (Internet, etc.)
  9. Referee Assignment & Payment   9. Market Research
  10. Event Execution   10. Telephone & Email
  11. Manage Accounts Receivable   11. Nationwide Event Platform
  12. Maximize Regional Results   12. National & Regional Sponsorships

Brand Ambassadors may purchase additional resources including increased Internet marketing campaigns, email blasts, market research, custom medals, etc. The more marketing, the better!


Brand Ambassadors who fully commit to the One Day Shootouts expansion strategy will be expected to achieve minimum team registrations and revenue requirements. Ambassadors who meet their minimum requirements will be protected from additional Ambassadors being introduced to their territory. However, if an Ambassador chooses to limit their operations to less than 10,000 team registrations, additional Ambassadors may be added to that particular region.

All Brand Ambassadors will be expected to take responsibility, communicate effectively, operate professionally, interact respectfully, and obey the One Day Shootouts’ Code of Conduct.


By working with One Day Shootouts to maximize team registrations, Brand Ambassadors will be rewarded financially through a combination of weekly event revenue sharing and quarterly achievement bonuses. The financial rewards will provide every Ambassador with consistent earnings throughout the entire year. 

The Financial Rewards are based on an adjusted revenue split of the overall gross revenue (event registration payments and entry fees) minus the total expenses (facility rental, officials, insurance, awards, tournament supplies, and staffing). Each event will be processed individually.